Banana soreen


Oh my actual deity/supreme being/flying spaghetti monster.

I’d heard of this.. whispers on the wind, rustles of leaves in the forest, the banging of jungle drums. Or probably office gossip or twitter or facebook or something. Problem is, right, is that the Sainsburys by home is a bit pants. It does normal Soreen (and the sliced variety), which is lovely and all that, but none of the ‘speshul’ varieties.

So, for weeks if not possibly months, I still lacked belief. I’m often one of those “see it to believe it” types ;-)

And then, one momentous Sunday….. we went to Tesco. There, on the bread aisle (should it really be in the cake aisle?) was the biggest selection of Soreen goodness I’ve ever seen. We bought two packets of the banana thing. Those, and another packet (special trip made on way home the other evening) have already gone.

It’s like squdigy banana hugs in your mouth. The kids are a bit mental over it and we love it too. I think the smell when you open the packet is partly to blame.

I wonder if it would be nice as the bread in a corned beef sandwich? No? hmm

Get your banana on :-)


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