Beachy Head Marathon 2011

I’ve done the Beachy Head Marathon twice now and for some reason I’ve ended up bleeding on both occasions. Last year I went into the bushes for a pee in Friston Forest and tore my legs to bits on thorns. This year (I don’t know why) my nose started bleeding within the first couple of miles (perhaps the altitude gain at the start ;) ) and then later on I cut my lip on a pointy bit of an ibuprofen packet.

Self-harm aside, it was a great day. Perfect weather – clear blue skies, sunshine and about 13/14 degrees. It was windy on the downs and by the coast, but I’m sure it always is. I had a good run and felt good throughout, despite my toes taking a battering in a new pair of shoes (yes, I know, stupid). Lots of people remarked how hard the last 6 miles of this race is, and they’re right, but when I got to the top of the hill after Cuckmere Haven and saw the seven sisters and beachy head before me in the beautiful sunshine, I was grinning like an idiot, and that lasted all the way to the finish. I might be in the minority when I say that those last 6 miles were the most enjoyable part of the race for me :)

I bumped into clubbie Christian before the start. We had a quick chat about how to approach this one – whether to eat your way around (some great food on offer at checkpoints) or go for it. Christian mentioned that he’d done no specific training for this so wasn’t sure how it would go. He did himself proud with 3:23 to finish 9th. Amazing :clap:

I managed 4:21 – twenty minutes faster than last year, and I had a great time. My family came out to Birling Gap so sweaty kisses at 22 miles :) We then met up at a lovely pub in East Dean and sat outside in the sunshine where I demolished a burger and the kids played on the village green.

What a fab day :)

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