My weekend and the TORQ Trail Team

tttThe last week has been a bit mixed.. felt a cold coming on on Sunday evening. Whilst I ran on Monday lunchtime, I was well and truly snotty and sneezy by Monday evening. Lots of echinacea and paracetamol and a rest day on Tuesday.. Wed I still felt like crap but made myself go out for a run and felt lots better for it and by Thurs it was clearing up and had a decent run that lunchtime. Could be a touch of early hayfever in the mix too?

The hip/groin tightness had been lingering too so I had a massage on Tuesday evening which didn’t seem to do much but I had a much better one on Friday lunchtime. Lawks, it hurt – she managed to find exactly the right spots. A bit of fingerprint sized bruising in various places but much, much better. Hip flexor stuff basically – very hard to self massage in the places she got to :shock:

Sat morning and I found myself at Telford parkrun, where I huffed and puffed my way round a gently undulating course to a 20:16. Then I headed off for an exciting day at the TORQ Trail Team day at Church Stretton. You may know of TORQ from their gels and energy bars.. they actually started as a performance sarin-resamplecoaching/consultancy by a former pro/elite mountain biker and as such they’re well known in the MTB and triathlon worlds. I’ve actually been using their gels for over a year now after buying some of their black cherry yoghurt gels from Wiggle – one of my favourite gels for sure! Anyway.. TORQ recently started a “TORQ running” initiative, which they’re launching by setting up a trail running team – a non-elite team at first, although they plan to add some elite runners at some stage. This was all dreamt up by Simon and Julie from Freestak, who it turns out are behind a number of other campaigns which have caught my eye recently, notably the RunCommute campaign they’ve done for Ashmei (who make some of my favourite running kit!)

The day was great – first a bit of time to chat and mingle and a chance to have a good catch up with Lindley and Sam and meet others, followed by a great talk from Ben of Torq about nutrition, fuelling and the Torq “system”. Given the audience was a room full of dedicated runners, there were plenty of opinions around and this lead to some good debate. After a bit of lunch and more chat, there was an excellent talk from Stuart Mills – – which I was really looking forward to. I’ve known of Stu for a while as a multiple Beachy Head Marathon winner and winner of the Lakeland 100 in 2010. The main topic of his talk was about mental preparation for races. It’s often said that ultra running is just as much mental as physical (if not more) and he made a very good point – how many of us train for the mental side of things as much as the physical? Great session, and much food for thought after my recent DNF in the TP100.

sarin-resample (1)We then set off for a run over Long Mynd – this turned out (as expected) to be a pretty hilly run, but also damn wet and cold with plenty of snow up high. Great fun. I had to get going after that, although some of the others stayed on overnight for a long run on Sunday. Would have been good to join them but I had a lovely day out with the kids and enjoyed some spring sunshine and t-shirt weather!

It would be pretty amazing to get on the TORQ Trail Team. Clearly a bunch of passionate people who it would be fantastic to be further involved with. I’ll have my fingers crossed for the next few weeks.

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