Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon 2011

This is really not the sort of race to set big PBs. There’s a good mix of terrain – some road and tarmac paths, but lots of shingle, plenty of mud and quite frosty and slippery in the first half. It was pretty windy in the second half yesterday too. It is flat though, and perhaps the fact that the terrain keeps changing is what keeps it interesting, rather than miles of boring road ;-) It works for me though – I got my first sub-4 there last year and a great result today.

After about 8/9 miles, when coming off a shingle beach, I attacked the wooden steps a bit hard and slipped on the frost, bashing the top of my left foot against the underside of the next step. That really fecking hurt, and I slowed to a limp. I had to man up and get on with it, and luckily the pain subsided a bit after a while.

I love the section running down and back up the Billy Line on Hayling Island. It’s really social, as you get to see all the other runners going one way or the other. I also saw my club mate Pete who was in the lead (with another runner) as I was nearing the halfway point :-) Lots of waves and hellos to friends on this section.

The final stretch along the promenade was tough.. A big headwind and that 1.8 miles seemed to go on forever. I was working hard though and passed a good few here (as I had all through the second half of the race), desperately trying to finish in under 3:25. So close.. My chip time was 3:25:01 in the end.. can’t complain though – over 27 mins faster than last year at the same race and over 14 mins taken off my PB :-)

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  1. Julie says:

    Nice report, thanks. We are planning on spending the last week of December in Brighton Region and as a runner I couldn’t do anything else but register for this marathon. Thanks to your report I know what to expect! Congratulations on your achievements! I just completed the Belgian death march 100K, quite something!

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